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Asia Leong’s upbringing was both isolated and worldly. Raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, in a family of accomplished artists, and a home that often hosted creatives and intellectuals from around the world. The experience left her with a unique nature meets city sophisticate sensibility that shapes her design life and art today. 

"There was a purity to growing up in such a distant place," she said. "I love the adornment of something simple and beautiful, and jewelry design came naturally to me." 

In 1995 after studying sculpture at Les Beaux Arts-Versailles, she launched her inaugural collection, winning the attention of fashion editors who lauded her work in the pages of WWD, Vogue and dozens of international magazines. Fans included Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chiara Mastroianni and Alicia Keys. Jewelry buyers from Barney's, Isetan, Neiman Marcus, Browns London, Harvey Nichols and Le Bon Marche in Paris quickly picked up her collections. She signed with agents in both New York and Paris and for many years showed each season in the Jardin des Tuileries during Paris fashion week. 

In her designs, memories of waterfalls and the Pacific Ocean continued to inspire her fluid hand-woven silk and cultured pearl sautoirs, with creations merging the hardness of hammered silver with the flow of sheer cotton tulle. 

After 18 years of working in Paris and living between Biarritz and the Alps, Leong returned home to Hawaii to raise family and fulfill a destiny in the arts. She lives and works in Honolulu.

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